Multiverse - HUB

Notification - Cranston

Addressed to all personnel participating in Agenda: Fomalhaut.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we arrive at a fortuitous time when the transhuman condition is a reality we cannot ignore. With great strides, our fellow scientists have committed upon our lives a reality that was only dreamed of nearly a century ago. With bio-augmentation, cyberbrain development, and space exploration, mankind is closer to God than ever before.

A handful of you have taken part of a very particular plan, one requiring the greatest sacrifice and sharpest focus. I know some of you opposed the inclusion of our greatest hero to the Protectorate, but this was their choice and it needs to be respected. The mission is clear and the clock is ticking, each of you understand what is at stake and what will happen if we fail. While the few that are plugged-in will undoubtedly be at great peril, these forces that are arraying against us will not be prepared for the true threat on the horizon.

In the event that any of you experiences exhaustion, please address these concerns immediately and proceed to the Reprocessing Division. If you continue to operate beyond capacity, this facility will terminate you. The close proximity to the Daedelus Relay will detect your data-signature and cause the entire operation to be jeopardized. We have seen the simulations.

We cannot abort.

Finally, please be advised that it is currently Major Kusanagi’s re-integration over in Nippon Sector. Need I remind you of the difficulty it took to smuggle that Birthday Cake over to Section-9, without people thinking someone was cyberbrain hacked. Please send data-tracks to their department, thanking the Major for her cooperation over the Qwintus-Plex Incident several years ago.

Walter Cranston
Department Adjutant
CIVIL Industries



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