Multiverse - HUB

Status Report - Compile 1a


Attn: Adjutant Cranston.

Its come to my attention from the Alpha-Gamma Readouts, that there are some humorous situations coming out of the Morphean-Animus simulations. Guillen has proven a stabilizing force, but there’s some glitches that are interrupting the flow.

Security noticed some personnel in the wrong department, we’re trying to understand why they’re out of place. One of them, a Dr. Horvath, somehow accessed a control panel she wasn’t authorized to access. After some questioning, the technicians verified that there have been some research files crossing department databases. Dr. Horvath is innocent of course, her access records show her trying to restore sync to her terminal in Cybernetics.

Hardeman had a technical issue, his sync went below 50%, so he had to go offline for a bit over an hour. This proved to be problematic, as the others started to experience a simulation suspension. The effect is very similar to the early Animus tests, where Desmond’s incarnations saw this residual white honeycomb flicker across the simulation space. Guillen lost a bit of sync because of it, which further destabilized the grid.

I’m not sure what we’re looking for while they’re going through these sessions, Adjutant, but we almost lost them this time around. Warner zeroed during the encounter with calamari, he needed to be resuscitated with a firmware boot. We’re hoping that by matching his pattern with the one designed by Rofloc, there may be a better chance of keeping him on.

Miller-1’s outburst recently was rather odd, but refreshing. There was a small scuffle in the recreation room, words of “sodomizing” were shared. Actually, I think that was in the Alpha-Gamma Readouts, but it would be AMAZING if he said it outside of the simulation.

I have to cut this report short, I have a stack of affidavits to process. I’ll further explain Miller-1’s harshness in the next report.

Albert Olaphaunt
Morphean-Animus Technician
Dracon 3-E Consortium



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