Endo Tadanobu. The Cypher.


Age: 41
Height: 6’1”
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese-Vietnamese


Endo is the overseeing operations managers of the Triad within Japan. Although there is an unsteady peace between the regional Yakuza and the chinese mafia, the recent conflicts towards the end of the 2nd Vietnam War, has destabilized some of the western japanese towns.

Endo is also a supporter of the Firewall movement, that seeks to protect humanity from the aberrations of its existence. The black box that went missing in China, is on the black market thanks to Endo. Although it is on the market, Endo is purely trying to gauge the interest of those who want the item and how far they’d go for it.

Consequently, the data in the box itself has been copied by the Triad and the only known copy is in Endo’s possession. Endo has actually integrated the harbored data into his system and as a fail-safe, will terminate the data upon death.

Endo is also a very skilled cyber-brain hacker and has been associated with assisting the government in duplicating the Laughing Man sequence. There has also been word that his associates are the leading contractors for ocular monitoring implants.

His motivation is to control the Japanese underground.


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