Morrigan Hesh. The Defiler.


Age: Undetermined due to augments and plastic surgeries. Looks like in their late 30’s.
Height: 6’2” (5’8” unboosted)
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Persian-Spanish-Norwegian


Hesh is the information broker of a very powerful corporation, some regard that she actually runs the corporation. But apart from the corporation, she is the primary informant for Firewall. Although Firewall’s role is to investigate, protect, and preserve all transhuman interests, it has been known to be rather off-the-wall in terms of its projects just to promote the well-being of transhuman existence.

Hesh is a survivor of the TITAN decimation, growing up in an existence, where tensions ran high and planetary governments were surfacing. Yet by the time Hesh came to power, Earth had reclaimed much of the devastation and industrialized the ruins. And it is from Hesh, that Firewall made itself known to the various planets.

When Hesh personally investigated matters of TITAN rumors on Jupiter, a Pandora’s Gate was rumored to be nestled in the violent storm-system not too far from the planet’s giant spot. Despite all advisement, Hesh was prevented from interfering with the research projects and a very disturbing incident where the researchers became infected by rogue A.I and had to be purged. Hesh quarantined the zone and deleted its location from various databases.

The data infiltrations signaled various corporations towards Firewall’s involvement in data trading, pitting the group’s reputation down to being more of a gang than anything else. This also pitted Hesh against various Triad groups, but she still had the upper-hand in the end.

Ultimately, Hesh maintains herself to be calculating and decisive. She does not hold any morals greater than the progress of transhuman interests on the galactic level.


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