Linda Sarskeen. Melchoir.


Age: Undetermined due to augments and plastic surgeries. Looks like in their late 30’s.
Height: 6’2” (5’8” unboosted)
Race: Human – Telekinetic (Third)
Ethnicity: African-Scandinavian


Melchior is the name of the woman who contracted a form of the virus that also shattered her mind. She has a crazed look about her and her hair can range from disheveled to beautiful, depending on her mood. Her hair is black with white streaks at the sides and is naturally wavy the longer it gets, however it is kept at length to the shoulderblade. Melchior has a bluish eye color that can sometimes appear gray depending on the lighting and her visage is almost cat-like, feral in a sense. Melchior’s ears are slightly pointed. Melchior’s clothing differs as well, but thematically she tries to capture strength and boldness that is as varied as her mental states. Melchior’s skin is dark gray, rather than pale, as though bitten by frostbite, and her body mass is athletic.

Often hiding her features, Melchoir is the club owner of a successful nightclub that houses a fetish club below it. She commands the full control of a space station that acts as the planetary scum of the region. The space station, called Pentacles, is stationed in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.


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