Eric's Game Notes

_Dictations noted by Mike.
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We started out joining up with a caravan headed to sharn. We killed a couple goblins that attacked the cows in the caravan. They rewarded us with a gold coin. Chris and I fought to the death over the coin. I got to keep the coin but got kicked out of the caravan. Then later I rejoined and apologized. Then we got attacked by plant things which killed the leader of the caravan so Jon shapeshifted to look like that guy and we went the rest of the way into the city. When we got there we went to a inn where my guy hooked up with a fat chick. Josh arm wrestled a dwarf. And then a goth kid showed up with some lizard henchman and started making trouble so we slew them. Then a ghost girl popped up in the tavern and everyone but our party ran away. So we found out it was really a demon possessing her then went to the shadow plane to kill the demon and its underlings. Then we went to the goblin hole which was a series of caves ending in a steep drop into a pit that had this goblin who used to be a badass. We killed him, Jon made a flaming bag of poop float around. Then we went back to the bar where we caught a hot elf chick walking out the back door. We tried to pinch her butt with magic but she had something that blocked it. That’s about everything so far.

Jon unfortunately lost his hexblade

On the first day my flipflop broke so I fixed it by putting a nail through the strap. Around 11pm I felt sick for some reason and puked a couple times. But it went away after like an hour. We had hotdogs and doritos for snacks. The toaster oven was smoking like crazy with the hotdogs in it so Eric grabbed it while it was still on and carried it outside where there’s a plug. The second week Eric bought a stainless steel BBQ. We had more doritos. Amy and Christina cooked ribs, onions, and potatoes on the BBQ while we played. There’s also a lot of drinking going on. And the chairs are pretty uncomfortable so you should bring a butt pillow.

Eric's Game Notes

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