The Multiverse. Instead of a unified whole, a hub in the matrix of the Earth has allowed various iterations of the universe to converge various elements upon it. While this version of Earth has yet to discover its significance in existence, the tale of its epiphany is charted in the beginning of its end.

The year is 2034. The American Empire is on the verge of being at war with the Russo-American Territories. The Japanese government is struggling with the situation revolving around the 2nd Vietnam War.

An agent of Security Ministry – Section 6, has been assassinated in China and the data module the agent carried has gone missing. Intel in Japan has reported that the package has found its way to the country, but is floating in the black market. Of all the troubles that have escalated on the horizon, Section 9 has been brought forward under question of their involvement with the recent Laughing Man case and the impending dispersal as a political action.

Cyber-brain research introduces possibilities of transhuman jumping, at the consequence of an organic translation as human existence must be digitized. Activists against this development have risen, fearing the disintegration of humanity and the rise of artificial existence.

2036. A public incident in the American Empire reveals the existence of Bioroids, half-human and half-clone, genetically engineered species. The Bioroids are traced to the creator, Dr. Gilliam Knute, who also assisted in organizing the data for the failsafe to hinder Bioroid reproductive systems. Although the utopian city, Olympus, and its A.I. Matrix, Gaia, both keep Dr. Knute protected, Russo-American spies still make strides to infiltrate and destroy Bioroid data.

2040. Bioroid conception data is lost on Earth. The conflict known as the First Error was resolved three years prior and was the major suppression of a robotics uprising. Dr. Asakura and Dr. D’Anclaude, take a parallel research field from Dr. Knute, and under shadows, creates the Third-types, who are all female cybernetic organisms not too different from humans in appearance. Due to tensions of any kind of cyborg-robotics use, most research is brought off-world to Mars. Although this classified data is known to certain departments and superiors, the public at-large and most political powers, are not aware or are in disbelief about the Third’s existence.

2045. The Second types that exist to help terraform and do dangerous tasks off-world, are branded as illegal on Earth. Labeled Replicants, these types are apprehended and hunted down by Blade Runners.


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